I checked the different opportunities to drive over the Alps before I left from home. I found that the most popular road was The Great St. Bernard Pass. I knew it straight away that I had to check this out! I`ve always dreamed of going on a roadtrip over the Alps in Switzerland, and there I was putting our destination into the GPS.

What a feeling! Imagine when a dream suddenly becomes reality and your are there living the dream…

We chose to take the smaller roads over the highway. This way we got to see more of the landscape and the beautiful scenery. I suggest you do the same, if you get a chance. Just forget about the boring highways! It might take longer to take the smaller roads, but you get to experience so much more during your drive. Nothing beats things like driving through a little “dorf”, which means village in English. Just to see how the locals live is an experience in itself.

These pictures were taken right next to the Apl pass. I got up earlier this day to make sure I can take this picture with the lights still on, as I was planning to share it with you guys 🙂

There are several stops along the way. This allowed us to stretch our legs and enjoy both the amazing nature and the incredibly fresh mountain air all around us.

The Great St. Bernard Pass is actually the third highest road crossing over the Alps in Switzerland, after Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. It`s 2469 meter above sea level. The famous breed called “St. Bernard dog” also originates from here. This pass was one of the most important ones already in the roman times.

Once we finally arrived to the top, I climbed up to the top of a smaller cliff to take some pictures. As soon as I got there I noticed, that the high altitude affected my body. The air was so thin up there, that you get tired a lot quicker as your body might not get the usual amount of oxygen, but this is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It`s just for your information. Be aware of it. Remember that it`s really important to have something to drink and eat with you as well. By the way I felt like being the king og the world while I was  sitting up there, enjoying the scenery.

This picture shows you a tourist custom. It involves building a tower, or rather sculpture out of stones. You can get as creative as you like, while building your own Stonehenge 😉

We got extremely lucky with the weather, as you can also see it on the picture bellow. We heard that it wasn`t possible to see the mountains the day before we were there, as there was too much fog all around.

It was a truly amazing experience being 2469m above sea level! The air was cold, but extremely fresh.

You can see me balancing myself on top of a cliff. It was a challenge to turn back towards the camera given the amazing view ahead of me. You can see that there is a lot of snow on the right side of the picture. I am looking at the top of Mont Velan. This is also the border between Switzerland and Italy.

Overall this trip was amazing with lots of experiences I will remember the rest of my life. I was truly inspired by the incredible nature and customs I`ve found in Switzerland.

Stay tuned in as our next travel destination will be revealed in a couple of days and let me tell you it will be even more exciting, than this one 🙂



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