We are a growing number of influencers, brand ambassadors, bloggers and vloggers here on CosmopolitaTV. For this reason we are in the process of restructuring our website, as we are about turning it into a blog platform. This platform will then be "the home" for a limited number of carefully chosen influencers, bloggers and vloggers. What does this mean for our readers?

It means that you are in for experiencing some positive changes here on CosmopolitaTV. It will be even more exciting to check us out on an everyday basis 🙂 This website started as my personal blog and has become a success within a short period of time. We have readers & viewers from all around the world. Not only that, but I have also received numerous requests from people, who were interested at blogging / vlogging here.

Sharing is caring, so I said yes to sharing the experience of success and provide opportunities to a carefully selected group of people:

Our first “external bloggers” turning into an inportant part of CosmopolitaTV were Mon & Ara, 2 health coaches with their amazing health concept called Invest In Yourself
This quickly turned into a success as well, so I decided to join forces with some new motivated bloggers.

Next up was our travel blogger traveLevi, who is continuously sharing his travel experiences and tips with us. Very happy about the turnouts of this collaboration as well.

Then came Tristan Makeup with their makeup blog, Jam Couche has a new music vlog, Harley Hanson has started with his new “everyday dad” topic as well. We do have several other new bloggers, who we are about to announce soon, so stay tuned in for the exciting news.

I will still continue blogging as usual, so don`t worry 🙂 The difference will be that my personal blog will be only one of many blogs here on CosmopolitaTV, so you are in for an increasing number of exciting articles to read and videos to see.

CosmopolitaTV aims to become your everyday source of first hand inspiration. Our community will do it`s best to share inspiring content that will make a difference in your life 🙂

We now have influencers from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Norway and Sweden and we will continue growing our online community.
Would you like to become one of us? We`d like to hear from you regardless of where in the world you live. You can read more about this opportunity here: Become A Blogger

As for all of you reading this we are looking forward to you following our journey and sharing our thoughts, knowledge and experiences with you 🙂



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Advertisement created by Cosmopolita for Orchid

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