There is a first time for everything, so in my case it`s the first time writing a book. It is a loooong process. Sometimes I am in the flow, then creative writing just happens by itself. Other times I am tied up with everyday to-do-lists, so I end up down prioritising the book. Last weekend was different. I got to spend my weekend at a cabin in the mountains, so I got to take my mind off of everything. Honestly I was hanging out in my jumper all day long, combined with drinking hot coco, coffee & tea, then munching on all kinds of nuts, fruits and chocolate, while gazing out of the window. It was kind of the “messy hair I don´t care” situation 🙂 That seemed to have done it for me, as I got inspired by nature and loads of snow, so suddenly I was all up for getting a lot of writing done. I mean just look at the sun at the top of the trees combined with the white cover on the ground. What an amazing view!

I am running a bit late with finishing the book to be honest, but what really matters is the experience in itself.  I have previously written a lot of tenders, but that is a little different. Not as different as one would think, but still. Writing a book is more like writing a story, whereas writing a tender has a little different structure and it`s basically the application for offering a certain service or product. If you win the tender, then it means your description of the services/products you offer  was well laid out and matched the requirements of the tender owner. anyhow…

Let´s get back to the book. It is really the very first time I am writing a book in my whole life, so it will become a part of my life experience in total. I can sort of tick it off from my list of things I want to do in this lifetime and the topic of the book is still a secret 😛 A good hint would be that it`s related to the new services and products I will be offering soon, but then again not many of you know what the plan is 🙂

Finding the time to focus in on book writing Monday – Friday is the real challenge I am facing, but really, I just tend to watch less TV and movies, which is not a bad thing. Probably healthy, too. Anway I will try to redo this weekend trip soon. Hopefully already before Christmas, as the holidays tend to mean international travel & family time, so book writing will definitely be off the list then.

How was your weekend by the way? What did you do for fun? Let me know in the comment field bellow. Speak soon <3

Lots Of Love,




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