White lies can make us think, wonder, reconsider or misunderstand situations. There could be so many different reasons for someone telling us white lies. Some of the reasons are more simple, whereas other reasons may be a lot more complicated than we think...

In my case Gretl, The Little Mermaid was in the swimming pool as usual, while I was in the kitchen making lunch. I was watching her through the kitchen window, which is right by the swimming pool. Suddenly she jumped out of the swimming pool, came up to me and said the following statement with a serious face: “I am not ticklish”. Then she left the kitchen with the same serious face. One part of me believed she was just kidding with me, but another part of me got worried as she had such a serious expression on her face. Very unusual from her, as she usually has this amazing smile on her face. I suspected, that something might be bothering her and that she was acting out.

I knew very well that she was lying. I just wasn´t sure what the whole thing was about. There was a big question mark in my head. Anyway I decided to find out, so I finished making lunch and called her into the house. She was still having the same serious expression on her face when she came into the living room.

I didn`t ask, or say anything. I just went up to her and I started tickling her starting with her feet, then working my way all the way up to the top of her head. She was laughing, giggling and then she screamed “STOP IT” after a while, so I stopped ticking her and I asked her if she was ticklish.

She screamed “YEEEEEEEES” out loud. Then I asked her what the reason was for her telling me, that she was not ticklish earlier that day. Her reply was the following:
“I was just teasing you! I was bored and I wanted you to come after me to tickle me, so we could have some fun.” It turned out this was her way of “call to action” and I was sort of reading between the lines, but she actually made me confused, because she was acting so serious in a natural way. In our case The Little Mermaid was luckily just being cheeky, so problem solved!

The bottom line is, if someone is NOT important enough for you to spend time on figuring out his or her reasons for lying, then who cares anyway?
Maybe it was you asking a question that was considered to be too private? Maybe the person was too busy thinking about something else and did´t listen carefully enough to what you were saying? Maybe it was just a joke, but you took it seriously? Maybe that person was worried about your reaction to the answer, which means that they care about you and your feelings?
The opposite is also true, meaning if something or someone is important enough for you, then you might just want to find out what`s behind the scene, instead of blaming someone, or giving up on the cause, regardless of the situation. In any case it`s your decision to consider how you react to any situation. In my experience most white lies are harmless anyway 😛



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