Time flies and it`s Friday again! Who would have thought ;) It`s usually the time of the week most people are looking forward to for different reasons. My plans for the weekend are...

Picture: Ski suit from Bergans Lillehammer – Ski equipment from Hafjell Sport at Gaiastova – Photography by Øystein Helmersen – Setup by Norskalgi Lillehammer

The photo above is actually only a part of a picture we took at a commercial photoshoot. You might be wondering who and what are on the rest of the picture 😛 I can`t actually tell you, yet. The whole picture will be released as part of a campaign later this year, so stay tuned in 😉

Back to the programme for this weekend…My plans for the weekend are mainly to enjoy Winter Wonderland in one way, or another 🙂

I have a location photoshoot scheduled for Saturday. I think it won`t last longer than an hour or two as it`s pretty cold outside. We`ll try to wrap it up as soon as possible, as it`s no fun posing for pictures, when your whole body is frozen, but luckily you can always balance it out with good atmosphere and warm drinks 🙂 I will try to post some backstage pictures, if my fingers will not be too frozen for getting online 😉 I can`t promise it, but I`ll do my best.

I am planning on enjoying winter wonderland by going skiing on Sunday. For me it`s all about enjoying the scenery, fresh air, peace & quiet outside in nature, combined with eating some goodies by the fireplace, which is an important part of the concept. I haven`t decided where I would be skiing, yet, so feel free to comment your suggestion in the comment area under this article. I would love to hear your ideas! 🙂

I have a meeting in 10 min, so I have to rush off now. I`ll check in here on the blog over the course of the weekend. See you then. In the meantime have a great weekend everyone <3



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