Watermelon is my favourite fruit. Speaking of which I have discovered a cool gadget that can turn watermelon into the center of attention at your party. It`s called the watermelon keg and it`s a lot of fun for both grownups and kids :) The watermelon keg is easy to use and the whole process of turning your watermelon into a drink bowl doesn't take more than 10 min. The result is just priceless! 

It all starts at the grocery store. Size does matter in this case, depending on the number of guests you are planning to host at your party. The more guests, the bigger the watermelon has to be, as the larger amount of drinks you will need to be able to put into the watermelon keg. An alternative is to refill the watermelon with drinks several times during the event. The process is simple and easy. One thing I have learned is that guests will all want to know how you have created your watermelon keg, so I usually prepare all the tools and ingredients before the party starts, and then get started with making the watermelon keg while guests are enjoying their welcome drinks. I chat with them at the same time as they gather around me to witness the watermelon keg in the making. Almost like a workshop 😉 Most of my guests have never come across this gadget before, and it sets the mood at the beginning of the party. If you have kids at the party, then it can be a great idea to involve them in the creative process. They will love it! 🙂

Let`s get started! Step 1 – Prepare your watermelon and the watermelon keg kit. Don`t panic if you don`t have a kit, yet. I will share with you where you can source it at the end of this article.

Step 2 – OPTIONAL – Slice the bottom of the watermelon to keep it standing straight. I don`t actually do this. I rather buy a watermelon which is flat at the bottom. It`s your choice…

Step 3 – Cut a lid from the top.

Step 4 – One of the most important parts of the process. Remember to have some fun along the way! 😉

Step 5 – Scoop clean & set fruit aside.

Step 6 – Cut a hole with help of your watermelon keg kit. Insert the shank & attach the faucet.

Step 7 – Mix the fruit with other fruits or with alcohol, if it`s a party for grownups.

Step 8 – Fill the melon with juice or cocktail of your choice and add some crushed ice to turn the drink into a refreshing experience for your guests, if the temperature is warm.

Step 9 – Prepare some glasses next to the watermelon and enjoy! 🙂
P.S.: It was interesting to see that the soda (Villa) displayed next to the watermelon keg stayed unopened, while the fruit juice from the watermelon disappeared pretty quickly and had to be filled up again several times during the party 😉

You can purchase the watermelon keg kit here.



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