Dinner quickly becomes 3 times tastier when 3 generations are making some trouble while cooking together in the kitchen of the summer house ;) I am just about to share this amazing family tradition and recipe with you.

Gretl alias Masterchef Unicorn came running out of the swimming pool shouting this…
“Can we make the Pancake Tower today?”
It`s so hard to guess that her favourite dessert is…The Pancake Tower 😉 We all thought it was a great idea, so we made our way into the kitchen. We divided up the tasks among the 3 of us. The recipe of the pancake tower has been shared in our family for several generations, and I am just about to share this family tradition with you here on the blog! These pancakes are different in the way you prepare them as well as the way they taste and guess what they taste 100 times better than regular pancakes :=) 😛 Check it out!

Ready steady go! Here comes the magic formula of the best pancake tower of your life 😉


4 eggs
6 dkg sugar (stevia as a healthy option)
5 dkg butter
1 pack of vanilla sugar
30 dkg flour
5 dl milk
grated lemon peel ( 1lemon)
oil for the baking
10 dkg minced walnut
6 dkg minced sugar
20 dkg peach jam or any sweet jam
10 dkg cocoa powder
10 dkg dark chocolate

This is how you make your pancake dream come true:
1.) Add 2 tablespoons (or stevia) of sugar to the eggwhite and mix it until it forms a hard foam.
2.) Mix the egg yolks with butter and the remaining sugar. Add the vanilla sugar, the flour, the milk, the grated lemon peel, a pinch of salt and mix until smooth. Finally, mix this with the foam of egg white loosely.
3.) We prepare a lightly oiled frying pan on medium high heat.
4.) Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake.
5.) I know this sounds strange, but it`s super important to make sure you FRY ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE PANCAKE! 🙂
6.) Place or rather SLIDE the pancakes onto a plate on top of each other one at a time with the unfried side pointing upwards. You are building a pancake tower this way. Put one of these fillings between each pancake in this order:
jam-walnut-cocoa (the walnut should be minced and mixed with icing sugar/stevia (as a healthier option); the cocoa powder should also be mixed with icing sugar/stevia.

7.) Optional: pour melted chocolate on top of the finished pancake tower and you can slice ​​it up as if it was a cake. Served best warm, but can be considered a real feast cold, too. 😉

Enjoy! <3



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