Say hello to the little mermaid, called Gretl. Gretl is a typical happy-go-lucky cheeky chick making the best out of every minute of her life. She is a little mermaid by nature, who lives at least 60% of the time in the swimming pool all year round. She ia a special little human in my life ever since she was born in Innsbruck, Austria 4.5 years ago.

That reminds me…she had a private swimming teacher, who happens to be a grown mermaid ( myself) 😉 The rest of her awake time she hangs out in the garden together with our dog, called Happy and our 4 cats, which Gretl named Rainbow, Pretty, Puma and Starshine. She also loves archery, gardening, climbing trees and above all having fun no matter what she does. If she happens to be inside the house then she can be found either in the bath tub or in the kitchen as she enjoys demonstrating about cooking and brainstorming about the various innovative ways of eating delicious fruits. As a frequent flyer she enjoys traveling and experiencing new places, too. According to her, she swims with a lot of different animals and gets to learn new ways of dancing during these trips.

The only thing she doesn`t like is sleeping. She explained to me that she has time to spend even more time in the swimming pool, if she sleeps less. We certainly have to work on that 😉
She often tells stories about how she is swimming as a passenger on the back of big fish in the ocean in her dreams…

By the way she also loves spending time with her family, so I am certainly lucky and proud <3 More on Gretl, the little mermaid will be shared on the blog later on.

Meanwhile you can check out the story about Gretl, the mermaid and her new non-human friends here.



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