Last Night, well…once upon a time mysterious creatures gathered for The Dragolloween Ball at The Haunted Mansion. Livandu got some VIP tickets as usual 🙂

Our host was the Dragman, who greeted all guests while overseeing the blood bash from his throne.

Wild women and men were roaming around to abduct hostages. Some of the victims didn´t make it through the night.

Local specialities were served in decorated jars. Meanwhile the walls were singing lullabies and glowing poisoned bloody drinks were served.

We got all dizzy from the delicacies they served.

At that point the dragon´s soldiers appeared and gathered us as the dragon was preparing for his feast.

This was the last picture I got to take as the local witch was reaching out to grab me. I can´t remember the rest of the night. Obviously she put a spell on me  🙂 😛

Needless to say the night was morbidly amazing and must be repeated next year, as we got invited to Dracula´s Yearly Ball at the original Castle of Dracula, which is called the Bran Castle in Transylvania (Romania). Can`t wait 🙂

Cosmopolita xxx



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