The Film Premiere Of The Year

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A truly sensational evening of show, film, music and entertainment organised by The Force in cooperation with 20th Century Fox. There were limited spaces available at this outstanding film premiere, so I am hereby sharing the insider story with you, including the unusual reason for me wearing a ballroom dress at this sensational event. Join me for the ride…

I arrived wearing a smashing ballroom dress. There were several photographers lining up to take pictures of my dress, so I dropped my coat and posed for them on the red carped despite the snowfall. I`ve had so many photoshoots outside lately, that 10 minutes in the cold seemed like nothing.
At this point you might be wondering why I was wearing a ballroom dress, instead of a party dress or an evening dress at a film premiere. You are right about questioning my choice of outfit, but there is actually a pretty straightforward explanation for this, which I am just about to reveal.

The event started with a magnificent show & entertainment. Everyone on stage was dressed up as a different character from the new movie, including myself. Hence the ballroom dress 🙂 This picture was taken of us right before the show started on stage. Photo by Espen Krøll:

I will share a video of the show itself, as well as some more information about my dream dress at the end of this article.

The show was then followed by The Greatest Showman movie being played for the first time in the country. The movie was both touching and entertaining. It brought both some salty tears into our eyes, as well as some sweet smiles to our faces. I tend to watch a lot of different movies, but I can honestly say that this was one of the best ones I have seen lately. Highly recommended for families and perfect for a romantic date 😉

After the movie all guests were transported to a local restaurant by 5 buses! They were serving welcome drinks and delicious finger food, while the DJ was playing and a great crowd was celebrating the successful launch of this magical movie. Enough said though…you should see all of this for yourself. You can see some pictures and watch a video of the event right bellow.

Here catching up with dearest Lilli Bendriss, TV personality and writer.

Here with talented actor Joakim Skarli to the left, and to the right “The Chocolate Prince”, founder of the most delicious chocolate brand sold in the country. Let`s just say that he is an important person for the ones with a sweet tooth 😉 Are you one of them?

Last but not least with Maren de Bedaare, founder of The Force – a highly creative team of organisers in charge of this successful film premiere.

Next up is the video I told you about earlier.

You can also check out the trailer of the movie right bellow.

I usually keep my promises and I can`t wait to tell you more about my dream dress designed by Orchid.
Photography by Espen Krøll:

However I have to rush off to a photoshoot, so detailed information and discount code of this dress will follow most likely tomorrow. Stay tuned in!



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