ADVERT: Hi guys :) That`s a wrap for today`s location photoshoot and videoshoot! I promised to check back with you today, so here I am! We`ve just finished the photoshoot and I am warming up by the fireplace while munching on some delicious warm food and enjoying a glass of red wine. My fingers are melting out as I type, so here are the details.

Overall it has been a successful day. The whole crew showed up on time and we progressed according to schedule. What was on schedule? Well, I might just give you a quick sneak peek, as long as you won`t tell anyone about it 😉

Our makeup artist Natalia Tristan from Tristan Makeup has captured some backstage pictures with her mobile, so this will give you an idea of what we have been up to.

First of all we got to enjoy this amazing sunset combined with real winter wonderland. Isn`t it gorgeous?

Here comes the good stuff! A tiny little reveal from our photoshoot and videoshoot for Orchid 🙂 Remember guys that these pictures are just taken with a mobile phone. The pictures, which were taken during the photoshoot with a professional camera will be revealed later on.

As you can see it`s some amazing white stuff again 😉 I will reveal the details of this item in the coming days, so stay tuned in. It`ll be worth it.

It was pretty cold outside. Even our photographer, Fredrik Birkland was wrapped into 3 layers of clothes 😛 I love this picture of him standing as a frozen snowman 😉 He couldn`t wear gloves while holding the camera, so it took about an hour for him to melt out his fingers after the photoshoot. He was also swapping between 2 cameras during the day.

By the way I hope you`re having a relaxing Saturday. I`ll also be taking it easy the rest of the day as well as preparing for my ski trip tomorrow. I can`t wait. I might post some updates of my trip tomorrow, so check back here on the blog, if you are interested to see some more winter wonderland pictures and some direct video sharing form the mountains. Where will I be skiing tomorrow? I won´t tell you, as I`d actually like you to guess the destination once you see the pictures tomorrow 😉 It should be fun.

For now wishing you a wonderful Saturday evening, regardless of where you are in the world. See you then tomorrow! 🙂



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