ADVERT: We have launched the Cosmopolita Blazer only a few weeks ago and it makes me really happy that so many of you have already showed interest in it. During this last week I have received a lot of enquiries as well as questions in connection with it. The honest truth is, that there is a big secret behind the Cosmopolita Blazer. You will be amazed!

This secret will be revealed later this week, so stay tuned in! 🙂

Meanwhile check out this video showcasing the Cosmopolita blazer as well as you can get your very own Cosmopolita Blazer from our webshop here

You can also check out my youtube channel to view more videos by clicking here 
Make sure you change the settings to HD on youtube to view the video in good quality as usual. This is how you do it: Once you press play the “youtube logo” appears at the bottom right corner. You find the settings button to the left of this logo. Press the “settings” button, then “quality” and “HD” will come up as an option (written with red). Easy peasy! 😉



Advertisement created by Cosmopolita for Orchid

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Advertisement created by Cosmopolita for Orchid

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