Autumn has arrived along with with it`s beauties. Beauty comes with THE BEAST, which in the case of autumn would be loads of RAIN. I decided to research how we stay safe and dry or at least drier by taking care of the "beast" this fall. I have found several practical alternatives during my short and sweet research. I have also found that some of my findings were more entertaining than practical. Here are some of our alternatives.

Our problems for the rainy season might just be solved with this onepiece outfit, if you are looking for something practical but unsexy at the same time. This outfit will surely keep the curious eyes away from you…It can of course be ordered on (where else 😉 )

Another option is the invention called WHOLE BODY UMBRELLA, which is meant to provide us with total protection. Not bad! It protects even our bags and mobile phones from the rain, but how to communicate with other people we meet on the street? P.S.: Love the music in the video 😛

Here is a practical version that takes socialising with other humans as well as window shopping into consideration:

The hottest fashion item for rain protection is supposedly this head centrepiece called NUBRELLA. It looks more like GODZILLA to me, so I think I´ll pass 😉

The type of rainwear I actually really liked was designed by a brand called BLÆST. Stunning colours, great material that will last and just love the shape of these outfits:

I will share the link to their website at the end of this article 😉

Then there is the issue related to shoe protection. I have found some entertaining and practical (question mark) inventions for this as well:

Finally an option to keep our furry friends dry(er) 🙂 Really cute:

Hope some of this made you smile on this rainy day 🙂 I agree with the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Speaking of which I promised to share the link to the BLÆST website: click HERE
The Blæst website should open in a new window, unless your computer forbids opening pop-up windows. In this case you can just copy paste this:

Have a fabulous day everyone and remember to enjoy the beauties of autumn, such as the amazing autumn colours, specialities of the season and alike 🙂 More on this topic is coming later on this week, so stay tuned in as usual! <3



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