A Norwegian family went on their usual yearly holiday in July 2017. They were expecting a normal holiday just like every summer, so to spend their vacation at the beach relaxing and having fun, but soon after their arrival to their destination they had heard an animal crying. They started investigating and found out that the sounds came from an abandoned puppy hiding without food and drink supplies inside a cave. Then what happened after this is astonishing

The family took the puppy under their wing. It was a girl, so they named her Destina. They had spent their entire vacation taking care of her and making arrangements for adopting her. This appeared to be the difficult part as the rules are very strict, so Destina was sadly not allowed to travel back to Norway with the family straight away.

The family has arranged for Destina getting her vaccinations, travel documents and all the necessary paperwork is being legalised. She is ready to travel to Norway to her new home to live with her new family and to meet her destiny 🙂 However one of the family members has to travel back to pick Destina up in Hellas. The adoption process has already costed the family a lot of money and the costs have now doubled, so the adopting family needs your kind help and support in form of a donation. Please join the following group for more information and to find out how you can support this heartwarming good cause of helping Destina join her new family in Norway:



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