We have been planning this location shoot for a few days now. Finally the day of the photoshoot has arrived.

Needless to say we had an amazing time while we were out there having a photoshoot and filming at the same time at the beach. It was so relaxing. We also managed to take some great shots. I will be posting some of these soon, so stay tuned in!

I remember my ever first photoshoot when I was only 3 years old 🙂 I still remember it. There were 6 of us having fun playing around, while a photographer was taking pictures. It was for a kids` fashion label. This happened the same year when my mom took me to ballet school, I started dancing ballet and got introduced to the stage together with 2 of my best childhood friends. I can pretty much say that I have grown up on stage and in front of the camera. Generally speaking performing on stage and modelling comes natural to some people, while it takes some time to learn for others, but both are skills which can be learned for sure. Practice makes perfect 🙂

There is actually no perfect! 😉 It certainly helps, if someone shows you how to do it, and invests time into helping you get it right. By the way a friend of mine is coaching beauty queens, helping them get their catwalking, posing, manners, and style right as well as many other things which are relevant for this business. His name is Francis Finstad. He is also starting a course for those of you interested to learn about the same. Stay tuned in as I will be introducing Francis soon here on the blog 😉



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