I am usually one of those people, who can`t handle Mondays. Considering the Blue Mondays I usually have, today has been the best Monday ever. Here is the reason why...

There are the “HAPPY GO LUCKY MONDAY” people and then there are the “BLUE MONDAY” people. 99% of the time I tend to fall into the Blue Monday category, as I generally have a feeling that there is 1 day missing from weekends.
This is usually me on Mondays:

I seem to have finally solved the Monday mystery. I thought I`d share it with you just in case you have the same problem, or if you know someone with this problem. The solution is in fact more simple than I imagined. As usual. I have noticed that simple things make the greatest difference in my life.

I think this time it was about the content of my weekend. First of all I joined my friends to a ski resort in the mountains, which provided me with the opportunity to breath some fresh air and be away from my everyday environment. There were no pre-agreed programmes for the weekend. Everyone was taking it easy & doing exactly as they felt like. I happened to have spent most of my weekend outside in nature, doing sports and trying new things. The combination of all of the above then gave me such a kick that it kick started my week and I have managed to get over the so called “Blue Monday Mood”. I was basically charged with positive energy so much so, that nothing could ruin that. Does it make sense?
Today (Monday) I have managed to be productive and get things done quickly with a genuine smile on my face, so I am pretty happy with the turnouts of this Monday. So the magic Monday formula seem to have been the following:


I found that it was basically about what I did over the weekend, and not what I did on Monday morning. Now I don`t know, if it will work next weekend again, so I will double check this and let you know how it will turn out, if I redo the whole thing, but my gut feeling says YESSS. Ayway it`s refreshing to have a great start of the week 😉

Remember also that today a new week has started, which always gives us a reason for a brand new start. No matter what change you need in your life, you don`t need to wait until the start of next year to make it happen 🙂 New week, new opportunities, new life!

Enjoy your week you guys 🙂

P.S.: I am busy with a new very exciting article. I might be posting it later today or latest tomorrow, so check back here as soon as you can!



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