ADVERT: Here we go again. I am ready to share another recipe with you, but this recipe is somewhat special. It`s the recipe of a joyful Christmas. It even comes with a guarantee.

It`s the time of the year when family and friends gather around the Christmas tree. Nothing beats Christmas! During the Christmas season, I thoroughly enjoy all of the festivities: the lights, the Christmas music my favourite being “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber (there is a version with both of them singing it). The food, like gingerbread, drinking hot chocolate and mulled wine, and above all I love spending quality time with loved ones by the fireplace. Christmas is truly a beautiful time of magic, if you ask me. I am celebrating Christmas with close family this year. Hope you get to do the same 🙂 …and I am sending out some warm thoughts to the universe for those of you, who can`t spend Christmas with loved ones for some reason, let it be work, transportation issues or alike.

I am just about to share another secret recipe with you, if you are ready 😉 No matter where you are this recipe of Christmas should work (#no money back guarantee though :P. You can see the description of the recipe on the picture bellow:

Enjoy! <3
Ladies, for those of you who would anyway send me email asking me about the red dress on the picture. It was designed by Orchid store. I do have a Christmas present for you, as I negotiated a special price for Cosmopolita TV readers, so you will get 20% discount on the dress, if you use the following promo code: CTV20. Merry Christmas to everyone <3



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