Millions of people worldwide now realise the benefits of establishing their own lifestyle businesses, but what does a lifestyle business actually mean.

There are different definitions of Lifestyle Business out there, if you google it. I have found that most of the definitions available online were either copy pasted from another website, then just changed a little, or outdated and therefore incorrect, so I have created my own up-to-date version of the definition of “Lifestyle Business” according to my experience and understanding. This is important because the foundation of all the work we do at Lifestyle Business eCademy is built around this definition.

According to my experience lifestyle businesses are usually built around their owners, and their brands. Lifestyle businesses are online businesses, which can be mainly automated these days. Automation allows online business owners to enjoy more freetime, as well as being location independent. Hence this type of business is called a lifestyle business. All mainly automated online businesses fall into the lifestyle business field, including coaches, tutors, stylists, influencers, accountants or any type of online business, which follows the online business automation strategy, regardless of the type of online service or product of the business.

What Is Lifestyle Business eCademy? 

I decided to create Lifestyle Business eCademy, because I realised that I used years to research and try all the different aspects of setting up a successful online lifestyle business in action. There are numerous aspects of this process, such as automation which are complex. An example would be that there are way too many website or online automation providers out there on the market, some charge a fortune, some a way to cheap, and you don’t even know what you need when you start, so you have to struggle through testing them, which alone takes months and a bunch of money in itself. Of course, this is just 1 example. I am an experienced coach from before, and I am truly passionate about it. Therefore I decided to combine my coaching experience with the experience I gained through the years I used for setting up my own online lifestyle business. This way I can help people like YOU to save years by putting together a program for you. I made it my mission to focus on helping other Online Lifestyle Business Owners to succeed.

We do 2 things at Lifestyle Business eCademy:

1.We help people like you to to create your own Lifestyle Business

2. We certify people like you as Lifestyle Busines Coaches and help you create your own Online Lifestyle Business (As a Lifestyle Business Coach)  

Another thing we do at Lifestyle Business eCademy is that we uncomplicate, simplify and translate the corporate language to everyday language, which enables practically anyone, including those without a college degree to understand what we communicate to them.

How Do I know If A Lifestyle Business Would Suit Me?  

This type of business suits anyone who wants to have more freetime and financial independence, regardless of the reason. Some might just simply want to have more freetime to enjoy life, spend more time with family or travel. Lifestyle businesses are becoming more and more common among individuals seeking a better work-life balance.

Would I be able to create my own lifestyle business? 

Did successful online lifestyle business owners just get lucky, or did they inherit their lifestyle businesses? It is very UNlikely that anyone inherited an online lifestyle business from a previous generation, as that generation had no or very little access to the internet. Therefore I am pretty confident to say that most successful lifestyle business owners are self-made.

As for luck…for sure they are lucky as they enjoy the “lifestyle of a lifestyle business owner”, but they didn`t make it to where they are just because they got lucky. They worked for it, and the key is that they did it the right way. 

In this scenario they either used many many years to figure out the way to do it themselves and most likely by failing several times before they actually made it, just like me. OR continue under the picture..


They hired a “Lifestyle Business Coach”, or signed up for an online Lifestyle Business Success Program, which was provided by an existing lifestyle entrepreneur course organiser, such as Lifestyle Business eCademy. This then helped them to save literally years of hard work by gaining access to knowledge and experience which their coach gained in several years. These would be access to automated ready-made technical solutions specifically created for online lifestyle businesses, as well as to get the right support by an experienced coach. Last but not least Lifestyle Business eCademy also offers the opportunity to build a solid network of likeminded people in a similar situation to yours.

How can I become one of the successful lifestyle business owners?

How can YOU achieve having a successful lifestyle business? You could perhaps do that by contacting me, so we can set up the right time for a personal session or you you can sign up for one of the online programs I offer through Lifestyle Business eCademy.



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