The "Life Of An Influencer" article and video is meant to give you an insight into the everyday life and reality of an influencer. The main video will come last at the end of the article.

I have received a lot of emails asking me about sharing more information about my life, so here we go 🙂 My everyday life varies A LOT, depending on what`s going on in my life both professionally and private to be honest. One of the great things about being an influencer is the freedom of organising your time the way it suits you, as long as you get things done.

First of all my day usually starts with a warm shower and some breakfast around 7-8am. I enjoy walking around wearing my white morning gown at home in the morning. I think it`s really cozy and fluffy. I don`t exactly remember, which brand it is. It got it as a present from my mom. I love eating fruits, or a good hearty traditional English breakfast with eggs, bacon and beans before I leave from home. I usually put on some happy background music as it helps me get energised and wake up early in the morning. Sometimes I even do some early morning stretching for 5-10 min, as it feels good for my body. Then I sit down and check my schedule for the day.

I don`t actually have a coffee machine at home on purpose. I know myself well enough to know that I`d start my day with coffee before breakfast, which is rather unhealthy, so it`s a conscious decision from my side not to have a coffee machine at home. I live in the city center, so there are about 10 coffee shops in the close vicinity of my apartment.

Often times visiting a coffee shop is then the next thing I do after I get dressed. My favourite type of coffee is latte and I drink it with loads of organic milk. Once the waitress asked me, if I just wanted warm milk…she made a good point 😉 I usually go to different coffee shops depending on my mood and I prefer going to different places every day. Some days I prefer a coffee shop with music, whereas other days I need more quiet. Some days I prefer a crowded place and then the next day I just want to enjoy peace and quiet. It also depends on how focused I need to be depending on my goal for the day. I also realised that going to the same place can become boring over a longer period of time. Interestingly every coffee shops attracts a different clientele depending on their style and the type of people working there.

My day then continues either with some article writing, meetings, photoshoot and alike, depending on what is relevant for me that day or week. I prefer writing articles outside in the nature, if the weather is good outside. Check out this short video about me blogging at the beach (more videos bellow):

I try to do some form of training every day. I do my best to catch up with some members of my wonderful family and my close friends every day, even if it`s only through the phone.

Picture bellow: with my beloved niece Gretl (4). Read more about her: Gretl, The Little Mermaid

Picture bellow: 3 generations of my beloved family cooking and making some trouble together in the kitchen. Read more: Triple Trouble

I enjoy clean eating and cooking at home from scratch with use of fresh preferably organic vegetables, fruits and meat in the evenings most of the time. I usually watch or rather listen to a movie while I am cooking. I just have it running in the background. I like comedies, action and adventure films.

Some days I enjoy eating out at one of the local restaurants and other days I invite some people over for dinner.

The program for the evening varies a lot, too. I often get invited to interesting events, such as opening parties, film premieres, fashion shows, etc.
Video bellow: Sometimes I do the catwalk myself. See some more catwalk videos about me HERE

Picture bellow: together with Ørnulf Høyer, founder of the Høyer department stores at an interesting V.I.P event.

Otherwise I also like chilling at home, keeping busy with creative activities, or going for a walk in the evenings.

Weekends are different from everydays. I try to avoid sitting by my laptop as much as possible. I prefer to find activities outside. One thing for sure is that I have to get better at weekend getaways. It`s because I live in the city center (which I love), but I also have the need for reconnecting with nature, enjoy fresh air, peace and quiet more often. It is kind of my new year resolution, but I still have to improve on it! This is the reason for me so much looking forward to browsing through the tips of weekend getaways by our new travel blogger, called traveLevi in the future.

Check out the video of one of my previous weekend getaways to the most exclusive luxury cabin at Hafjelltoppen, called Hafjell Lunnstaden. This cabin is located in the Norwegian mountains. Hafjell is a ski resort and it`s a popular destination for those looking to enjoy skiing, fresh air and outdoor activities:

The cabin is also called “Hafjell`s beauty”. It is being managed by luxury real estate agent Øyvind Olstad. Check out the website of the cabin: Lunnstadbrinken 41 . The cabin can be rented both for shorter and longer periods either by dialling +47 900 80 228 or by emailing Øyvind at

This weekend I`ll be attending the Halloween party of all times: Halloween Ball of Nightmares. I am sooooo looking forward to this event! I am actually going to meet some of my friends to choose our costumes now, so I am off to the film costume rental now.

By the way we are still accepting applications from those of you who are interested in blogging and would like to join our community of bloggers here on CosmopolitaTV. Read more about this opportunity here: BECOME A BLOGGER

See you later! 🙂



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