It`s the time of the year when I get so passionate about this thing and I just can`t get enough of it.

I can`t enter the grocery store without noticing the sweet smell of strawberry, which then leads me directly to the strawberry stand. I just can`t resist. Does that sound familiar to you? It does happen to me every time 🙂 Which leaves me no choice other than to confess.The truth is that I have had this thing for strawberries ever since I was a child. Strawberry cake, strawberry with waffles, strawberry with melted Belgian chocolate, strawberries with champagne, strawberry gin..ooops, strawberry by the pool, strawberry at the office, strawberry with more strawberries and I could continue with the list for many hours.

This year I even started with grilled strawberry and toast. It both tastes and looks amazing! Worth trying it.

It`s almost like a bruschetta, but with strawberries on it. Try it and you`ll love it 😉



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