Gretl (age 4) asked if we could share her delicious juice recipe here on the blog. I agreed to it on one condition. She had to show us how she prepared it. Her first sentence was that the recipe included "AGE RESTRICTED CONTENT" and she said it with a serious face expression, so I realised it was not a joke. I got genuinely surprised and started wondering what she meant by it.

I volunteered as a photographer and recorded the making of Gretl`s juice, as well as I promised to share her own words, so here we go:
Gretl: “My juice recipe is STRICTLY for those OVER THE AGE OF 4!”
Me: “Why?”
Gretl: “It`s because kids under age 4 don`t understand that they can`t use adult knives themselves, but that`s normal. I was like that at the age of 3, too. Now that I am much older at age 4 I understand that adult knives can be dangerous, because I could cut my head off with it and that would hurt…a lot.”

Ingredients and tools:
Gretl: 1. “You will need an adult to help you cut the fruits into pieces with an adult knife, so you have to do it when there is at least 1 adult at home with you, but you can prepare everything and wait until the adult has time to help cutting up the fruits. It doesn`t take too much time.”
2. “You will need a basket to carry the fruits from the garden to the kitchen. It can get heavy, so you should choose a basket, which is easy to carry.”
3. Cooking apron, because things can get messy…(she smiles and giggles and so do I as I visualise how the kitchen might look like after a juicing session of a 4 year old 😉 )
4. Peach, orange and some mango
5. Juice machine, plates, adult knife, a stick, a straw and your favourite juice glass
6. Chair to stand on in order to reach up to the kitchen table…

Gretl: “First thing first, you need fruits. You might have to get an adult to buy them for you, but I have fresh fruits in the garden. You can wait here while I go and get them.”
…and off she went accompanied by 1 dog and 4 cats 😉 She returned in a few minutes.

Gretl: “You should wash the fruits and then put them on a bigger plate.”

Gretl: “Get a stick. Mine is green, but other colours are fine, too.”

Gretl: “Check if the peach is soft enough with help of the stick. Trust me…you can`t make juice out of hard peach.”

Gretl: “Kiss every peach.”
Me: “Why?”
Gretl: “It`s like a spice…like salt & pepper, do you know them? You kiss the peach and the juice will taste better.”

Gretl: “Now is the time that you need to get hold of an adult to cut the fruits up with an adult knife. You can then take the seeds out, check if the inside of the fruit is nice enough and throw out the ones with worms in them. It happens sometimes, you know?!”

Gretl: “I usually put some orange juice and some mango in it, too. Sometimes I use only orange, because I eat up the mango before I put it into the juicer.”

Gretl: “You can now put the sliced fruits into the juice machine. Make sure the chair you are standing on is high enough. Alternatively you can use a highchair. You know, it`s the ones that small babies use…Put this long white thingy into the transparent part of the juicer and then press the “ON” button.”

Gretl: “The fruit juice will come out at the front and the “fruit poo” at the back end of the juice machine. You will only use the fruit juice. You can throw the “fruit poo” out.”

Gretl: “Press the white thingy down as hard as you can. You should repeat this several times until there are no fruits left.”

Gretl: “Pour the juice into your most favourite juice glass and pick out a straw you like. My favourite straw is the one with the elephant on it. I usually drink my juice in the garden. It tastes better outside. Enjoy the juice!

Gretl: “One more thing…SAY NO, if your dog wants to have some of your fruit juice. He should eat dog food.”

Gretl is eager to know, if you liked her recipe, so any feedback is welcomed 🙂 😉 You can find the comment field bellow!

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