Last year we had the frog and the jetski, which was a lot of fun, but it seemed like we needed something more. This led to the decision that the number of the inhabitants of our swimming pool had to be extended with several carefully chosen new members this year ;) We have been truly excited to see how all of these inhabitants would get along with one another in the swimming pool, but things didn´t exactly turn out the way we expected.

The picture right bellow was taken last year. You can see the frog and the pink jetski, both of which were used as tools of transportation inside the swimming pool. The frog is by the way my niece`s prince, but that`s another story…

We sat down by the pool and made a list of some possible new inhabitants. The original list included a pink bird, navy blue lollypop, orange submarine, white & blue fish, giant red heart shaped candy, and a bunch of animals that usually live in the water, such as the dolphin. Following a long discussion we managed to agree that the bird surely didn´t belong into the swimming pool, unless we managed to get hold of a swan or a duck. The change for that was tiny, so we agreed that we would rather buy a kite to learn how to use the power of the wind instead of the bird. We then sat into the car and drove to the biggest shopping mall we could find in the area. We took our shopping list with us, hoping that we would find everything we had on our list.

Well, this didn´t turn out the way we expected 🙁 The shopping mall surely had a great choice of inflatable toys, but not the ones we were planning to purchase. We then ended up reconsidering what we were going to take home with us. We ended up with the following: 1 giant scary crocodile with massive teeth and a weird smile on his face, 2 black whales (1 male & 1 female), 2 inflatable floating beds (1 yellow & 1 green) and some inflatable balls to play with.

We started pumping the air into the inflatable toys once we got home. I discovered that it was actually a great workout! Almost like a step machine, but one leg at a time. Highly recommended if you don`t have any other forms of training available during your summer holiday 😉

…and finally the happy 4 year old mermaid geared up for some fun playtime accompanied by the new inflatable toys and our dog called HAPPY <3

Later we discovered some fun games with the new toys and we even had a pool party. I will share these amazing times with you guys later here on the blog.

There was also something else we bought that day, but this remains a secret for now, as I am planning on writing another article on our adventure with that “thingy” 😛 Stay tuned in 🙂

In the meantime you can read more about my niece, Gretl here.



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