ADVERT: ONLY 24 hours left to the red carpet film premiere! New Visionsgate Production is now giving away 2 V.I.P tickets to their film premiere this Friday! Check out how you can be the LUCKY WINNER of these tickets...

However there is a special request from the movie director! He would like to give the tickets to 2 people, who love each other just like the couple in his new film Next II Mine. Read more under the picture…

So ladies and gentlemen! Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Newvisionsgate Productions would like to offer an intercultural/interracial couple the opportunity to win 2 tickets to the filmpremiere tomorrow, Friday 24th November. You will love to see this new movie, which is so relevant to your lives. All you need to do is to send a picture of the 2 of you as a loving couple to film director Prince Joe through PM on his official page HERE

Good luck! 🙂

Read more about the film premiere HERE



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