I am a romantic, so I like to believe in ever lasting love. Other things may also last forever, if the conditions are right. It seems that...

…winter lasts forever this year due to the right conditions, so it`s time to get real. We have 2 options now 😛
1. Start complaining
2. Make the best out of it
I actually chose nr 2, only because it seems like a good challenge, and I sort of like challenges (depending on the type of challenge though, so don`t test me on this 😉 )

Snow, more snow and low temperature is in the air. I personally love snow & snowfall, so I try to focus on the snow instead of the cold temperature, which I don`t like that much. I have learned to use snow for my advantage, how to ski, and even made it to the top with my GOLD MEDAL in my own special way. I am continuously working on my snow angel skills and I am getting better and better at it every time 😉 It`s worth trying! Wondering if a “snow angel making” competition exists at all. That should be fun 🙂

All photography by Helmerfoto

Going for a walk in the snow, building a snowman, or making a snow angel are just the 3 of the most basic activities we can do and it doesn`t cost us anything. Skiing requires some equipment, but you can also rent it for a small fee, if you don`t want to purchase equipment straight away. As for the cold temperature I tend to solve it with 3-4 layers of clothes. Afterall what really matters is to stay warm and dry, so we can really really enjoy being outside 😉

There are a lot more winter activities available, such as going on a wildlife safari with snowmobile, ice fishing, riding a husky sledge while being on a northern light safari, learning how to do ice carvings, and so on. You can even learn how to survive in the wilderness during the winter, if you want to take it one step further. That`s a bit extreme though, so it should certainly be done with a reliable guide (so I heard). I am in fact seriously thinking about these activities a lot right now, as I got an offer trying all of these activities at a certain very special place in Scandinavia. I have now made up mind mind to accept their offer! I am up for an adventure, so why not 🙂 I can even take a companion with me, which will make the experience even more fun. Have you noticed that it`s always more fun to share new experiences with someone else? I wish all of you could come along on this adventure, or at least those of you, who would like to come, but the truth is that the amount of people I can take with me is limited.

Sharing is caring, so what I can do is sharing all of those amazing experiences with you guys here on the blog, so stay tuned in for this 😉 Who knows…I might even manage to convince them to offer a giveaway in the form of a trip for one of you as well? I will certainly do my best, but I can`t promise anything.

I am logging off for today. Hope you all have a wonderful evening & feel free to email me some suggestions/ideas about other exciting outdoor winter activities. Let`s make the best out of the rest of the winter 😉 What activities do you like to do outdoors in the snow? How do you make the best out of winter? Feel free to comment bellow or email me as usual <3



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