The puppy called Destiny is in the process of meeting her destiny! This is a follow up on the article I wrote about the astonishing discovery of a puppy found hiding and crying under the rocks by a Norwegian family while on holiday in Greece earlier this year. This article including videos and pictures is about the heartwarming rescue process of the puppy in action.

It always amazes me when good people make a difference in one way or another. It has to be shared with the world every time a new story arises, so hopefully more and more people get inspired by these stories. The Cook family from Sandvika, Norway is certainly leading by example! They could have just walked past the clearly abandoned and sick puppy they`ve seen inside a cave on the beach in Greece. I mean, really…they were supposed to be on holiday enjoying the sun, the beach and the local specialties. The amazing thing is that they have actually done the opposite instead. They stopped by the puppy and the heartwarming story began there 🙂

One thing was sure…they were not going to leave the puppy there to die alone. They were told by some locals that it was regular procedure by the greek army to collect abandoned puppies in cities and transport them to the beaches where they then leave the puppies “to meet their destiny”. You can imagine that these puppies then have little chance of survival. The best thing that can happen to them is meeting a family on their holiday, which happened to this particular puppy, who was named Destiny by her new Norwegian family.

The connection was there from day no.1 🙂 “Destiny” received some love, caring, food and water first time in a while <3 (The pictures and videos bellow are taken with a mobile phone, so the quality is not HD…)

The following day Destiny had more energy and could move around a little bit. She was also more communicative.

The next thing you know was that the puppy was not living under the cave anymore. She was sitting in a taxi on her way to…

…the hotel and her new life. She continued bonding with her new family and she was finally safe and loved! She even got a bath 😉

The following day they tok her to the vet.

More updates on Destiny including her official adoption process next week. Stay tuned in 😉

The members of the Cook family have their busy lives as most of us do. They were of course not planning on adopting a puppy AT ALL as they already have 2 dogs from before. Against all odds, they decided to open their heart and HELP the puppy in need. Did you get inspired to adopt a pet?

List of some relevant organisations to adopt a pet:
USA: link HERE
USA: link HERE
UK: link HERE
UK: link HERE

You can read my first article about Destiny HERE


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