ADVERT: New week, new opportunities! Personally Mondays are a weak point of my week, but as they say, the show must go on! I suppose that resonates with many of you reading this.

I just thought I`d check in will all of you and let you know you are not alone with all of this. So many of us have the “blue Monday” issue and it`s not getting any better 😉 Personally I think they should add an extra day to the weekend, such as Saturday, Sunday, and “Superday” before Monday comes along. Why is it decided for us that we get only 2 days of the weekend to relax?

Anyway 2 cups of coffee followed by being back at work this morning. While there is an amazing snow storm outside, our team is having a photoshoot for Orchid inside today. Lots of action, camera and strong lights directed into my face today 😛 Hence the 2 cups of coffee this morning. It won`t be too smart to look tired or sleepy on the pictures 😉 All emotions and thoughts are written all over your face at a photoshoot, so I tend to meditate for a few minutes before we get started.

My lunch break is over now, so I have to get back to the photoshoot. I wish you all a great start of a new week. I just wanted to remind you guys, that “new week, new opportunities”. It`s an opportunity to get a fresh start, to take new directions in life and to take action 🙂 Remember that each one of us is unique and we create our journey of live for ourselves with the decisions we make, and actions we take. <3

Have a fabulous day!



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