ADVERT: Norwegian Fashion Center welcomed guests to Norwegian Fashion Week SS18 in August 2017. My friend Martine and myself contributed to this welcome message as Helene Remøy, the official photographer of Norwegian Fashion Week captured some pictures of us at the event.

I know many of you would ask what we were wearing on this picture, so I am sharing it with you straight away. My friend Martine Rødseth, Miss Norway 2015 & I were wearing our Cosmopolita Blazers, which was designed by Norwegian Couture and myself. I will share the direct link to the blazer at the end of this article. You can also see our friend Sander Svanberg, model, on the picture to the right. Martine and I met Sander at the latest commercial filming and photoshoot of Norwegian Couture. This commercial video will be launched in a few months, so stay tuned in. I will share it here on Cosmopolita TV 🙂

We had 2 more friends joining us later on during the evening: Celine Herregården, Miss Norway 2017, and traveLevi,our travel influencer/blogger. None of us were doing the catwalk at this event, so we were happy to sit back and relax. The fashion show was great and we enjoyed the entertainment. After the fashion show we went for a drink in the fashion bar, which was set up right outside the building of Norwegian Fashion Center.

More on Norwegian Fashion Week later this week, so stay tuned in 🙂
ADVERT: By the way you can check out the Cosmopolita Blazer designed by Norwegian Couture here



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