ADVERT: I promised to share the big secret about the Cosmopolita Blazer, which was designed by Norwegian Couture and myself. Now is the right time to reveal this secret! Are you ready for it? You will be amazed!

ADVERT: I love winter, winter wonderland, skiing, winter sipping on some warm drinks while sitting by the fireplace and all that. Often I see people posting on their wall in social media that they miss summer and I think “come on, just make the best out of winter”. However today is the first day I actually feel like I could use some warmth, I miss sun rays dancing on my face and being out enjoying watersports. I think it might be because I was going through all my pictures from last year, and I found lots of amazing pictures of last summer. It`s interesting how quickly us people can forget about things. It`s good to have pictures and videos that remind us about previous life events, etc. I just look at a picture and I remember how I was feeling back then, what my thoughts were, and so on. This is why I am posting some summer pictures / videos with this article today 🙂
All videos and pictures by Christoffer Sandmark. All music coming with the videos by our talented music blogger Jam Couche ( About Jam Couche & Music Is My Life by Jam Couche )

The pictures & videos both above and bellow were taken in connection with the launch of the Cosmopolita Blazer designed by Norwegian Couture and myself. I remember I was out there with the film crew. It was sunset and I was dancing around on the fields while being filmed. It was such an amazing feeling having the sun warming my back. Just about perfect.
Here sungazing 🙂

I was of course wearing the Cosmopolita Blazer, which comes in 2 different colours: white with navy blue stripe, and navy blue with white stripe. You can learn more about the Cosmopolita Blazer by clicking on the links bellow:
Cosmopolita Blazer at Norwegian Fashion Week
Cosmopolita Blazer – Webshop
Cosmopolita Blazer
Cosmopolita Blazer On Discount

I got carried away telling you about last summer, so we drifted away a little. Let`s focus back onto “THE KEY to the secret” in connection with the Cosmopolita Blazer.

There is in fact a key to every secret. Once you have figured out the key, you can unlock it and gain access to the content of the secret according to the unwritten rules. I`d like to give you a hint to solving the secret this time. It has something to do with the object I am holding in my hand on all pictures above.
Why don`t you guys guess what the secret is? 🙂 You can email us at with your answers! The deadline is midnight tonight (Tuesday). Can`t wait to read all your emails!

If only 1 person guesses right, I will then reveal the secret to all of you 🙂 Deal?

P.S.: ADVERT: If you like the Cosmopolita Blazer, then you can purchase it by clicking HERE



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