We are proud to introduce the first item of the Cosmopolita Collection, the Cosmopolita Signature Blazer, which came to birth as a result of the collaboration between the Norwegian Fashion Brand called Norwegian Couture and myself. This blazer also represents the first item of the ladies collection of Norwegian Couture.

If you are wearing blazers as often as I do, then you know that blazers look great, but often they can be uncomfortable as they might be restricting you from moving freely in your everyday activities. The Cosmopolita blazer is thereby made of a stretchy material in order to provide us ladies with the freedom of movement and activities, while we get to maintain a stylish and modern “couture lifestyle” look at the same time.

More info on the Cosmopolita blazer to come later this week. Stay tuned in! Meanwhile check out this video showcasing the Cosmopolita Blazer as well as you can get your very own Cosmopolita Blazer from our webshop here



A Simple Way To Raise Your Vibrations

BY Cosmopolita / November 2, 2020

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