Did you know that cherries have a special power? It`s almost unbelievable. I was surprised about it myself, but I have tried it, and it worked for me, so chances are it might work for you, too.

Cherries are a natural source of antioxidants, which protect us from free radicals. They also contain 18 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C, which vitamin is necessary for the collagen formation of our bones, blood, muscle and blood vessels and helps the body absorb iron. Cherries also contains beta carotene and provides low amounts of vitamin K, vitamin B6 and vitamin A. It`s interesting to know that only 10 cherries are enough to cover 1 of our daily 5.

The good thing about cherries is that they also taste great unlike some other fruits and vegetables, which can do a lot of good for you, but the good taste is missing from the menu….This is why I <3 cherries.

You can either do the same as me and eat loads of cherries as part of your everyday diet, or you can purchase cherry tablets at certain parts of the year when cherries are not available. I tried a gluten, wheat and dairy free dietary supplement from iHerb and I am really happy with it. Check it out here.

*Please note that I can only recommend this product, but there is no guarantee that it will work the same way for you, so you are responsible for your own decision about purchasing it.



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