ADVERT: Black Friday has arrived, so I negotiated 20% discount on the tickets to the film premiere, which is available ONLY for some readers.

Director at Newvisionsgate Productions agreed to give this 20% discount to the first 20 people, who will use the following discount code: BFCTV20. This discount is available only here on CosmopolitaTV.

How can you buy the tickets with the discount code?
It`s easy. All you need to do is to send your name(s) and the discount code to film director Prince Joe through PM on his official Facebook page: HERE

How do you know, if you are among the first 20?
Again, it`s easy. You will hear back from Prince Joe latest at 5pm through Facebook, if you are among the first 20, who used the code.
Offer ends at 5pm, so if you don`t hear back from him by 5pm through Facebook, then it means you are not among the 20 people.

Hurry up! Don`t miss out on this unique opportunity! 🙂
Would you like to win free tickets to the film premiere? Read HERE
Read more about the film premiere itself: HERE



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