ADVERT: I am invited to two proper red carpet film premieres for films, which are MADE IN NORWAY. Same day, same night. Oh, wait! I can`t be two places at the same time. You might say it`s a luxury problem. It`s a situation that certainly doesn't occur every week to be honest. What should I do? Well...

I could be asking myself that question. Perhaps cloning myself could be a great solution. 😉

However I luckily didn`t have to, as I realised that the 2 invitations for both film premieres came from the same organiser. They are called New Visionsgate Production. Even better, it came out, that both film premieres were at the same place 😛 Isn`t it amazing? They are giving us the opportunity to view not 1, but 2 films at the same night. I love movie nights, so I can`t wait for this event, including munching on popcorn and sweets! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wait a minute! What are you doing on Friday evening by the way (24th November)? If you haven`t made any plans, yet, then you might just want to join us for this event. I heard that there will be drinks, DJ and entertainment during the evening. Both the talented director of the movie, Prince Joe, and the actors will be present at the event. I will share the link to the Facebook group of the film premiere at the end of this article, so you can press “attending”, if you want:)

One of the movies is Next II Mine, which is a short film about an intercultural relationship. The focus of the movie is throwing light on accepting each other and respecting the diversity in our society. A very relevant topic in Norway these days…
Link: Next II Mine on IMDb

The other movie sounds just as exciting as the first one. The title of the movie is “The Other Side“. It`s an adventure/crime short film which tells the story of Tom, a depressed fellow after losing his parents several years ago. The movie starts with Tom and his childhood friend Lisa going on a road trip. A road trip that leads to unexpected events to happen. I love adventure movies, so it`s spot on. I am a bit scared of the crime part, but I am taking some friends with me, so they can tell me when the “bloody” parts are over, so I can open my eyes again 😛
Link: The Other Side on IMDb

I registered for the event by pressing “attend” Here: Film Premiere, so I suppose you can do the same, if you are interested. See you there! How to find me? That`s easy. I`ll be the one with my mouth full of goodies all evening 🙂 Yeah, that`s just me when I am at the cimena… 😉



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